#DoBetterBiUs manifesto

Do Better Bi Us is a campaign to call out biphobia and bi-erasure and provide clarity on how the gay and straight communities can better support the bisexual community.

It was started by activists Lois Shearing at the start of 2018. Currently, it has existed as a hashtag on twitter, appeared in articles, and even been one of the rallying cries used in the First Bi Float project, which organised the first bi pride float to ever appear in London Pride.

Why a manifesto?

The Do Better Bi Us manifesto aims to clearly lay out ways in which anyone can help to combat biphobia and bi-erasure. It offers practical steps that anyone can and should take in their daily life to make the world a better place for bisexual people.

The bisexual community is facing many critical threats to our health, well-being and safety, including; higher rates of sexual violence, higher rates of mental illness, high rates of poverty, and lower coming out rates. The manifesto outlines how and why we need allies to help us combat these issues.

The manifesto

The bisexual community is currently facing many serious issues and threats to our existence, including; worse mental health statistics than gay or staight (monosexual) comunities, an increased likelihood of living in poverty or going hungry, and bisexual women (cis and trans) are more at risk of sexual violence than monosexual women.

Double discrimination (discrimination from both heteronormative society and from within the rainbow community) and marginalisation are both at least partial causes of all these issues.

To counter the discrimination and isolation the bisexual community experiences, we as representatives of the bisexual community, are putting forward these demands.

We demand funding for bi-specific resources. Including:

We demand acknowledgement of bisexuality as its own distinct community, with unique needs. Including:

We demand the use of bi-inclusive language, especially from LGBT+ organisations and others claiming to represent the community. Including:

We demand acknowledgement that bisexuality has always existed across communities of all genders, classes, races, and backgrounds. Including:

We demand real, actionable solidarity. Including:

Overall, we demand respect for our identity, history, culture and solidarity in empowering and uplifting our community. We demand an end to biphobia, bi-erasure, and monosexism.

Biphobia kills. You can help combat it.


The Do Better Bi Us Manifesto was written and created by Lois Shearing, Founder of the Do Better Bi Us campaign, with contributions from:

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